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      Experience that unique atmosphere at your party! Fire up the fun with this brand new game and spice up your Birthday parties, summer vacations, weekend campouts or New Year Eve’s celebrations.

      Drinking Viking - brand new party game born on parties and made for parties. It’s not just a game - it’s more than fifteen  mini-games, where each is more fun than the last. You will master the rules very quickly and the game will never feel the same, because it gives you endless possibilities to experience something new. While playing Drinking Viking you will learn that the art is not to win but to manage not to lose!

      Drinking Viking game contents:
  • 42 comically illustrated high quality cards
  • 3 wooden dice
  • Rulebook
  • Drinking Viking cotton pouch
Drinking Viking party game       How has it all begun? Watch Drinking Viking story:

      Drinking Viking party game is made for more than 4 players at least 15 years old. Optimum number of players is 6 – 10.

      The gameplay is composed of several mini-games, that change every time a player draws a new card. Players draw cards one by one to know what kind of game they are going to play and what challenge lies ahead. Some mini-games are based on words, memory or creativity, others on luck, quick reactions.

      Watch the game in action:

      Players try to win in mini-games to escape punishment. Each mini-game has unique rules that determine winners and losers. Winners stay cool and losers pay for their weakness! Every mini-game is tested. They are made to bring the right atmosphere to your party. Let us introduce a few of them:

      The Hunt: Three dice are distributed between the players to make even gaps between players with die. NOW!! Roll the die over and over till you roll 6 and then pass the die to the next player. Quickly! Do not let other dice chase you down.

      Mad King: "My castle, my rules!!!"  You, as the king, determine a unique rule for every other player to follow. Anyone caught breaking the rule, or even attempts to break it is punished.

      Drinking Viking: This is the general and central character of the game. Be the one Viking leading the warship and dictating the tempo of the game, remaining steady like the beating of a war drum. Use trickery and give signs to other crew members to start paddling during the game without being noticed and let’s see who will be the last paddler to join the others. Seems, someone has ran afoul…
Drinking Viking party game
      Odin: This is a game for bluffing. A good one! Long story short… First player throws the dice, so that no other player can see it. He tells the value to the next player, however he can lie. The next player believes or disputes the value and tries to throw a bigger value than the previous player. Bad liar or suspicious fool is punished. How tricky!

      Liar, liar!: Mmmm. There is something about you. You are hiding something. So tell us three things about yourself of which one will not be true. Those who will know the lie will stay cool.

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Drinking Viking party game

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